Unit Tactics

Unit Tactics


Unit Tactics is a turn-based military strategy game for the GameBoy Advance platform (with the possibility porting to other hand-held platforms). The main objective of the game is to act as the commanding officer of army units, e.g. squads, platoons, etc.


Switch to Subversion
2006-07-28 10:55 - Unit Tactics
After leaving this project alone for a long time, I've finally taken the time to switch over to Subversion. Although I don't expect to be releasing a finished product in the next few weeks - I do at least have free time now to (re)start work on this project again. Hopefully there will be some more code up to look at soon.
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Flightplan up
2003-04-28 17:16 - Unit Tactics
Added the recently completed Flightplan/Milestones document. Now I just have to get to work on those bullet-points.
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'Demo' coding begun
2002-12-05 16:14 - Unit Tactics
Not real news yet - but I have started work on a small demo of the solider an unit-handling code that's been done so far. Nothing spectacular yet - but this demo will eventually include the AI for formations/waypoints/movement/etc.
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Design Documentation

Design Thoughts

Some links to various thoughts/essays on design styles and strategies:

Game Boy Advance Programming

Resource Management

Design Strategies

Movement and Formations


This project is being developed by members of the WPI Game Development Club
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